Pet Health Club

  • The affordable way to keep your pet fit & healthy
  • Convenient monthly payments
  • Top quality licensed medication

Our Pet Health Club provides your pet with:

  • Full clinical examinations twice a year.
  • Annual booster vaccinations including kennel cough protection.
  • Worming treatments — sufficient for 12 months.
  • Flea treatments — sufficient for 12 months.

Discounts with the Pet Health Club include;

25% off Royal Canin & Hills Prescription Foods

20% off Neutering

20% off Selected Lifetime Care Medications

10% off dentistry & Pet Passports

10% off Pet Shop Sales

10 % off Geriatric Screenings

Plus, we offer a £1 discount per month for each additional pet registered.

Monthly Price
Small Dog (under 10kg)
Medium Dog (10-25kg)
Large Dog (25-40kg)
Giant Dog (over 40kg)

Pet Dialog App

The PetDialog App allows you to track your pets details.

Features include:

  • Weight – Great for weightloss programs.
  • Diet – Keep track of whether your feeding your pet the correct amount.
  • Exercise – PetOMeter monitors exercise activity.
  • Calender – to help keep track of your pets appointments.
  • Activity Trends – Records playtime and more.
  • Wellness Scores – answer a few simple questions on your pet at regular intervals to establish your pets wellbeing.
  • Seperate profiles for each of your pets.
  • Easily accessible from your phone.
  • Upload your pets data to social media and share with your friends.
  • Vet data – contact information for easy access saving you time.
  • Quality of Life assessments – survey questions to assess how happy your pet is.

Sorry, currently only available for dogs and cats.

Download now:

Apple iPhone download

Android download

Access Codes
Douglas Clinic
Castletown Clinic
Peel Clinic